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Spellchasers Team

Meet the Spellchasers team!

Posted on 17/02/17 in Lari Don, Spellchasers

You’re on a quest to lift your curse. You’ve just been surrounded by the grey men of Ben Macdui. You need someone to help you escape. Who would you ch …

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Quiz: How much do you know about Arthur Conan Doyle?

Posted on 14/02/17 in Fun Stuff

Put your detective skills to the test! Are these fun facts about Arthur Conan Doyle true or false? Save Save Save Find out more about the creator of S …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Yuliya Somina

Posted on 08/02/17 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff

Today #FlorisDesign is talking to Yuliya Somina, illustrator of our new Young Kelpies series, Porridge the Tartan Cat, penned by Alan Dapre. Featuring …

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Spellchasers Team

Superfans speculate on the Spellchasers trilogy

Posted on 01/02/17 in Lari Don, Spellchasers

We’re waiting on tenterhooks to read The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away, the next instalment of Lari Don’s Spellchasers trilogy. In The Beginner …

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Production Staff 2017

Introducing the Floris Design and Production Team

Posted on 27/01/17 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Uncategorized

The Design and Production team members at Floris Books are a key part of the publishing process. They are responsible for taking a manuscript and tran …

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Spellchasers Team

Spellchasers competition: win a signed book!

Posted on 24/01/17 in Competitions, Lari Don, Spellchasers

Calling all Lari Don fans! To celebrate the launch of The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away, Atacama the sphinx helped us to put together this tric …

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Robert Burns

Features for Teachers: Burns Night and Scots Language Week

Posted on 19/01/17 in Features for Teachers

On 25th January, people in Scotland and around the world will celebrate the birth of “Scotland’s Bard” Robert Burns. We’ve put together some fun facts …

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Recommendations

Posted on 15/12/16 in Books

Tomorrow (Friday 16th December) is the last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery on orders from! But don’t panic – here are som …

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A Very Kelpie Christmas

Posted on 25/11/16 in Fun Stuff

It’s almost Christmas morning, and all over the world children will soon be rushing to open their presents. But have you ever wondered what your favou …

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#AskAKidsEditor – Meet the editors!

Posted on 10/11/16 in Writing

On Wednesday 16 November, our editors will take to Twitter (@DiscoverKelpies) to answer your questions about writing for children. From weird submissi …

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