Time Travel Trouble at the Scottish Children’s Book Awards!

by Discover Kelpies - March 7th, 2014

The DiscoverKelpies team are very excited to tell you that the wonderful Janis Mackay has been announced as one of the winners of the Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2013! She won the Younger Reader (8-11 years) category with her story of time travel trouble, The Accidental Time Traveller.

Hundreds of children from all over Scotland helped Janis to celebrate at a special awards ceremony at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, after months of reading and voting for their favourites with Scottish Book Trust. Well, it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it! Make sure to check out our Twitter page for lots of cool photos of the day.

As well as The Accidental Time Traveller, Really Weird Removals.com by Daniela Sacerdoti and Black Tide by Caroline Clough were also shortlisted for the Awards.

Janis told us that she’s “totally over the moon and stars” to have won, and to say a big THANK YOU to all her readers and pupils who voted!

We are so proud of all three of our Kelpies authors! Congratulations Janis, and well done Daniela and Caroline!

Scottish Children's Book Awards

The Accidental Time Traveller

The Accidental Time Traveller coverOne ordinary day, Saul is on his way to the corner shop when a girl appears suddenly in the middle of the road. She doesn’t understand traffic, or the things in shops, and she’s wearing a long dress with ruffled sleeves. Her name is Agatha Black.

Agatha Black is from 1812, and Saul needs to find a way to get her back there. With help from his mates Will and Robbie, can Saul work out how to make time travel happen?

Want to find out more? Try the first chapter here: just click on ‘Try It For Free’!

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Greetings from the Brotherhood of the Egg

by Discover Kelpies - February 20th, 2014

Breaking news, live from the DiscoverKelpies coop in deepest, darkest Edinburgh.

Giant Robot Chickens take over Edinburgh

Fowl play was suspected this morning at the newly renamed Hatching Gardens as rumours of feathered fiends attacking the streets of Edinburgh, sorry Hen-inburgh, came to light. Beady eyewitnesses report that adult humans are being snatched by GIANT ROBOT CHICKENS and all signs of resistance from local residents are being pecked out.

An organisation known as the Brotherhood of the Egg has claimed responsibility in response to the release of DiscoverKelpies eggsciting new book, Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens.

All local social media, websites, radio and television have been taken over by the giant robot chickens, and a spokeschicken from the Brotherhood of the Egg delivered the following ominous message at dawn this morning: “Cluck cluckity cluck. Cheep cheep, cluck. Cockledoodledoo.”

For all non-chicken speakers, Cluckle Translate have provided an official translation:

Children of the humans. We, the giant robot chickens, are your new leaders. I know that some of you are still out there and some might even have ideas about fighting back. That is futile. For too long our race, the chicken race, has been enslaved by yours. Now is our time. Now we will break free and take back the world.

You have no chance against us. We will win. So join us now.

You will be safe. You will be cared for. But if you stand against us we will find you. And we will take you.

Worrying news indeed. While unconfirmed reports suggest that an Aberdeen collective known as the Train Gang are fighting back, Hen-inburgh City Coop recommend that all non-poultry lifeforms remain indoors and monitor the developing situation via the DiscoverKelpies Twitter feed, #GiantRobotChickens.

This is Nuria, reporting for DiscoverKelpies. Now over to Henny Penny in the chicken coop.

Meet the Kelpies authors shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards

by Discover Kelpies - October 11th, 2013

We’ve posted before about the wonderful all-Kelpie shortlist for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2013, and now we’re very excited to be able to show you these great videos, made by the guys over at Scottish Book Trust, featuring each of the three shortlisted books!

First up is Caroline Clough, who has been shortlisted for the dramatic Black Tide (sequel to the gripping Red Fever).

Next is Daniela Sacerdoti, author of the wonderful Really Weird Removals.com.

And last but not least, Janis Mackay, who has been shortlisted for her pacy, time-travelling adventure The Accidental Time Traveller.

The winner will be announced on 5th March 2014, and needless to say, we are very excited and we hope you are too! Which book do you think should win? Let us know in the comments!

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Yo ho, yo ho! A Pyrate’s Life for DiscoverKelpies

by Discover Kelpies - September 19th, 2013

DK Pyrate's Boy banner

Arrrrr, me scurvy Kelpies seadogs! Did ye ken that Thursday 19th September is International Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Wha’ d’ye mean ‘NO’? Would ye like t’ try again?

Did ye savvy it’s also th’ day Pyrate’s Boy by E.B. Colin, a handsome pirate yarn from the beauties at DiscoverKelpies, can fin’lly be exchanged for 6 doubloons or a talking parrot?

Shiver me timbers, lads and lasses! Have ye bin marooned in th’ bilge these long months? Pyrate’s Boy be a thrillin’ adventure, with swashbucklin’ pyrates, danger at every turn an’ plenty o’ cannon fire an’ booty.

Found shipwrecked by the crew of the feared pyrate ship Tenacity, Silas Orr, an 11-year-old runaway from Greenock, is given a choice:

x Take his chances in a row boat on the open water; or

x Swear to the pyrate’s code and become cabin boy for Captain Jon Harkin, the infamous pyrate Black Johnnie.

Silas chooses to stay aboard. But life on the high seas isn’t easy and when the pyrates discover a mysterious box attached to a drowning boy, they begin the fight of their lives. Their adventures take Silas from Jamaica to Glasgow, on a dangerous journey of thievery, cannon fire and kidnap – but what secrets await him there?

An’ because there be nothin’ as excitin’ as a handsome pirate yarn, the good ship Kelpies is goin’ t’ natter like a true swashbucklin’ buccaneer all day to celebrate the maiden voyage of Pyrate’s Boy. Send us yer message in a bottle, or hoist the colours on Facebook and Twitter.

But beware … landlubbers will be made to walk the plank, and ye may lay to that!

PS. Not sure how to talk like a pyrate? Never fear, here’s a handy guide with our top 10 fun words and phrases!

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Cracking Tale of Fowl Play Wins Kelpies Prize 2013!

by Discover Kelpies - August 23rd, 2013

Kelpies Prize 2013 logoThe wait is finally over!  After weeks of anticipation, we can now announce that the winner of the Kelpies Prize 2013 is… Alex McCall, with his eggscellent story, Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens!

Not one to count his chickens before they hatch, Alex attended the Kelpies Prize 2013 award ceremony on Thursday, along with his friends and family, where the winner was announced.  It was really difficult for the judges to choose between Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens and the other shortlisted books, Never Back, by Barbara Henderson, and The Great Moon Mission, by Shona McQuilken.

As Alex’s name was announced, a huge cheer erupted from the crowd – his family and friends certainly weren’t too chicken to show just how pleased they were.  When he reached the stage he was presented with a giant cheque (which we thought was very fitting for a story about giant chickens).  The prize was presented by well-known author Vivian French, who has published well over 200 books, including the Tales from the Five Kingdoms series.

All three books were praised by the judges for their eggsciting and original storylines but there could only be one winner, and Alex’s tale of giant robot chickens causing chaos on the streets of Aberdeen and ruffling feathers amongst terrified residents really stood out as a funny and exciting adventure story.

We can’t wait for Alex’s book to make it into the shops next spring so that you can read it – it’s a cracking read and a great adventure tale featuring a robot chicken apocalypse, nail-biting adventures and bird-brain comedy.

That’s enough of the chicken yolks for now.

Winner Alex McCall shows off his giant cheque!

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