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Time Travelling Trouble

Learn about life in Scotland during World War One and design your own propaganda poster with these activities, great for at home or in the classroom.

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The Sign of the Black Dagger

Discover some of the real-life locations featured in Joan Lingard's intriguing story with our super-cool Pinterest map!

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Keep Calm and Cluck On

Need some advice to outwit our giant robot chicken overlords? Use our Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens survival guide to defeat the feathered fiends and rule the roost!

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Just why did the chicken cross the road? Find out with our hilarious collection of the best chicken jokes!

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The Kelpies Guide to Talking Like a Pyrate

Ahoy, me hearties! Do ye want t' parley like a true adventurer o' th' high seas? Then use our Pyrate's Boy guide an' start sendin' yer message in a bottle.

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Pyrate's Boy Activities

Discover the history of Jacobites and pirates, design your own pirate flag and draw a map to buried treasure. These activities are great for young adventurers at home and in the classroom.

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The Accidental Time Traveller Activities

Research your town's history, design your own 1812s outfit and discover old-fashioned games. These brilliant activities are great fun to do at home and in the classroom.

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Which Norse God are you?

Have you ever wondered what your Norse God superpower would be? Are you a brave warrior or a clever prankster? Find out with our cool quiz!

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Really Weird

If you're in need of some paranormal pest control visit the Really Weird Removals team's website and check out their advert!

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Which Fabled Beast are you?

Are you a clever fairy, a water-loving selkie or a loyal centaur? Which one of the cool characters in the First Aid for Fairies series are you most like?

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Soldier's Game Activities

Research family history, design your own football strip or write war poetry. These brilliant activities are loads of fun to do at home and in your classroom.

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Dragonfire Series Wordsearch

Find your favourite characters from the Dragonfire series in this brilliant wordsearch. Can you discover the secret answer?

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Make a Wishcatcher's Wish

If you could ask The Wishcatchers for anything, would you be careful what you wished for? Make special wishes for you and your best friend!

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Sea-Themed Story Writing Square

Half-selkie Magnus Fin is no stranger to underwater adventures. Now you can create your own sea-themed story with the help of the story square and a dice!

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Ushig's Scottish Folklore

In Ushig, Ellen meets many strange creatures she recognises as 'Peerie Folk'. Author Annemarie Allan explains how she researched Ushig and introduces some creatures from Scottish Folklore.

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Throw a Ballet Birthday Party

Do you want to celebrate your birthday with a brilliant ballet party? Here are some ideas to get you started! You can download:

  • Party Gift Tags
  • Have a fantastic sparkly time!

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    Cloudberry Castle Sweet Treats

    Katie Mackenzie in Cloudberry Castle loves sweet treats; here are some recipes so you can enjoy them too!

    Happy baking!

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    Ballet Basics

    The five 'positions' of ballet are very important because every ballet move, even the complicated ones, begins and ends with one of these positions. Read up with our step-by-step guide.

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    Which Witch Are You?

    Are you a ice cool Snow Witch, a high-flying Wind Witch or perhaps a feet-on-the-ground Earth Witch? All three kinds of witches are causing trouble in Witch Silver by Anne Forbes - but which witch are you?

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    Blood Arrows

    Exclusive extra chapter! In any book, some characters get more of a chance to talk than others, but how do we know what a character gets up to when they are off the page? Lari Don gives an interesting insight into just this question with a very special extra chapter of her novel Rocking Horse War. Blood Arrows is written from the perspective of a character who isn't the heroine Pearl. This chapter cannot be read anywhere else - it isn't even in the book!

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    Rocking Horse War Map

    Have you ever wondered how an author writes a book? Do they write with a pencil, a pen or a computer? Do they write everything perfectly in one go or have to edit it? Award-winning author Lari Don shares one of her secrets with a map she drew to help her write her latest novel, Rocking Horse War.

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    Which Kelpies character are you?

    Are you practical Helen, heroic Samuel or feisty Izzie? Take the Kelpies Character Quiz to see which book you could be starring in.

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    Kelpies Riddles

    Inspired by the riddles which Helen and her magical friends have to solve in First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts here are some more traditional puzzlers. Once you have given them a go, why not try them out on your friends, family and maybe even your teachers!

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    The Daemon Parallel Wordsearch

    Find the names of werewolves, monsters and daemons from The Daemon Parallel in this brilliant new word search