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Turk the Border Collie

Kathleen Fidler; Illustrated by Mary Dinsdale

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After the death of his master, Turk is sent to a faraway farm to finish his sheep-dog training. But his longing for 'Old David' and familiar fields is so powerful that he runs away and tries to find his way home again.

He encounters many adventures and varied companions on the way until at last, barely alive, he arrives home . . .

About Kathleen Fidler

Kathleen Fidler was the author of over eighty books for children, many of which were broadcast on BBC Radio Children's Hour and Schools programmes. She had a long-standing affection for Scotland. The Fidler Award stands as a memorial to her deep interest in children and writers. She died in 1980.

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About Turk the Border Collie

This book costs £4.99.
It is a paperback with 160 pages.
If you're searching for it online, it might be useful to have the book's unique number, which is 9780863154232.

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