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Thor Is Locked In My Garage!

Robert J. Harris

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Author Interview

This month, we interviewed the hilarious Robert J. Harris about his new book Thor is Locked in my Garage!. Read carefully to find the answer to our competition question!

A puzzler to start with: explain Thor is Locked in my Garage! in 140 characters - Twitter style!
Robert J. Harris [RJH]: Lewis+Greg+Susie(xThor)vLoki+SNOWxMonsters=Funx Excitement+Asgard. OR "Lewis and Greg and sporty Susie must stop Loki who has buried St Andrews in snow. Accident prone Thor shows up to help and they must ultimately travel to Asgard, home of the gods, for the final battle." Er, how many characters is that?

Too many, haha! Now, this book is the sequel to rib-tickler The Day the World Went Loki. What was it like, returning to St Andrews and Loki's mischievous plans? Were there any surprises along the way?
RJH: The first novel (The Day The World Went Loki) was originally set in an imaginary Scottish town. Setting it in St Andrews was a later development. This time St Andrews is a fundamental part of the plot and it was great fun coming up with ways to use some of the town's colourful locations such as the ruined cathedral (ice monsters) and the botanic gardens (man-eating plants). The big surprise for me was Hollywood megastar Garth Makepeace (he's kind of like Tom Cruise), who I'd made up just so he could be part of a newspaper story in the first chapter. At some point he decided he was going to be a character in the story and popped up to join the gang in their battle against Loki. To say more would spoil the surprise...

So what was your favourite thing about writing this new book?
RJH: Mixing the boys up with some brand new characters, especially the feisty Susie, who was so much fun to write. I think readers will love her. It was also nice to do my own version of Thor and develop the relationship between him and Loki (which consists mainly of the insults they throw at each other).

And what did you find most difficult?
RJH: The challenging part was that I kept putting the characters in all sorts of dangerous situations and then having to invent clever ways for them to escape. Luckily they came up with all kinds of great ideas. How would you stop an ice monster that's just burst out of your bathroom?

Now, that's a tricky situation! And here's another one for you... If you could spend one year on a deserted island with one character from Thor is Locked in my Garage! or The Day The World Went Loki, who would you choose?
RJH: Not Greg, because all his crazy plans to escape from the island would end in disaster! Not Lewis, who would always be at me to tidy up the hut we made from bamboo and worrying about supplies running low. So I'd pick Susie. Like me, she is a big Star Trek fan, so we'd have plenty to talk about. (On the other hand, much of our time would probably be spent in her beating me at every sport under the sun)

Hmmm, we think we'd pick Susie too. She's our kind of hero! Nearly done! A not-too-hard question… Can you recommend an author for our readers to look out for?
RJH: I'll cheat (just as Loki would) and do two. If you want more magical adventures set in St Andrews and Fife, read Winterbringers and Dark Spell by Gill Arbuthnott. Diana Wynn Jones' books inspired my comic writing, so I recommend her brilliant Archer's Goon and The Homeward Bounders.

And finally, a Very Important Question! Do you have writing snacks?!
RJH: I try not to snack, I really do. But in an emergency the only answer is a Tunnock's tea cake!

Thanks for giving us the inside scoop on Loki and Thor, Robert - and for making us want a teacake now! If you'd like to find out more about Robert J. Harris and his books, you can find him on Twitter @RobertJ_Harris or visit his website

About Thor Is Locked In My Garage!

This book costs £5.99.
It is a paperback with 192 pages.
If you're searching for it online, it might be useful to have the book's unique number, which is 9781782501220.

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