Cover of Black Tide arrow image

Black Tide

Caroline Clough

Cover of The Boy with the Bronze Axe arrow image

The Boy with the Bronze Axe

Kathleen Fidler

Cover of Breaker arrow image


Annemarie Allan

Cover of The Cat Who Decided arrow image

The Cat Who Decided

Margaret Forrester

Cover of Catscape arrow image


Mike Nicholson

Cover of Chaos Clock arrow image

Chaos Clock

Gill Arbuthnott

Cover of Chaos Quest arrow image

Chaos Quest

Gill Arbuthnott

Cover of The Chess Piece Magician arrow image

The Chess Piece Magician

Douglas Bruton

Cover of Cloudberry Castle arrow image

Cloudberry Castle

Janey Louise Jones

Cover of Dark Spell arrow image

Dark Spell

Gill Arbuthnott

Cover of The Day the World Went Loki arrow image

The Day the World Went Loki

Robert J. Harris

Cover of The Desperate Journey arrow image

The Desperate Journey

Kathleen Fidler

Cover of Dragon Seeker arrow image

Dragon Seeker

Anne Forbes

Cover of Dragonfire arrow image


Anne Forbes

Cover of Firestar arrow image


Anne Forbes

Cover of Hox arrow image


Annemarie Allan

Cover of Nicking Time arrow image

Nicking Time

T. Traynor

Cover of Pyrate's Boy arrow image

Pyrate's Boy

E. B. Colin

Cover of Quest for a Kelpie arrow image

Quest for a Kelpie

Frances Mary Hendry

Cover of Really Weird arrow image

Really Weird

Daniela Sacerdoti

Cover of Red Fever arrow image

Red Fever

Caroline Clough

Cover of Return to Sula arrow image

Return to Sula

Lavinia Derwent

Cover of Soldier's Game arrow image

Soldier's Game

James Killgore

Cover of Turk the Border Collie arrow image

Turk the Border Collie

Kathleen Fidler

Cover of The Underground City arrow image

The Underground City

Anne Forbes

Cover of Ushig arrow image


Annemarie Allan

Cover of The Wings of Ruksh arrow image

The Wings of Ruksh

Anne Forbes

Cover of The Wishcatchers arrow image

The Wishcatchers

Carol Christie

Cover of New School Blues arrow image

New School Blues

Theresa Breslin

Cover of Ribbon of Fire arrow image

Ribbon of Fire

Allan Campbell McLean

Cover of Shiver arrow image


Alex Nye

Cover of Simon's Challenge arrow image

Simon's Challenge

Theresa Breslin

Cover of Sula arrow image


Lavinia Derwent